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Neil’s Track Blog

A collection of pictures and videos from track days over the years….

Track photos by GotBlueMilk

Manual CTS-V Wagon @ Thunderhill – HOD 2012

I was fortunate enough to be in a position to order one of these new. You quickly learn that 556HP can’t be used on the street; so I decided to try my first ever track day in one. Not really an agile handler, but a brute on the straights and so much character.

NA1 NSX MT @ Sonoma Raceway – HOD 2014

I managed to get a hold of a high-mile but mechanically solid NSX before the prices got really bananas. Great car for developing track skills; not too much horsepower, few nannies, wonderful balance. Except when lifting off in the rain on T2 at Sonoma.

981 Cayman S MT @ Laguna Seca – HOD 2016

After a few years of building up speed and competency in the NSX, I realized how insane it was to track this old, rare-ish, all-aluminum car with all the local techs retiring and few spare parts available. The 981 seemed like a natural progression, it was a stripper with the X73 lowered suspension – my first Porsche, probably my favorite track car bar one…

991.1 Carrera S MT @ Buttonwillow – HOD 2017

I convinced myself that I needed more power and more daily drivability and switched up to a 991S with a ducktail! Despite what people say, you really can feel the junk in the trunk in a 991, and that lent it a fun and different driving character. Loved the the ability to hit up Buttonwillow on the way down I-5 to a client meeting in a comfortable cruiser, but I missed the Cayman…

981 Cayman GT4 @ Laguna Seca – HOD 2018

This is the track car, as far as I’m concerned. The hype is legitimate. The power of the 991 with Cayman handling amped up with GT3 suspension, monster brakes, serious rubber. The sound of this thing is unreal.